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Okay, that made much more sense in HD graphics! XD So much awesome. much as I enjoyed the Minecraft version of SPN, nothing beats being able to see what is on your screen.

Warning, the following contains some minor spoilers that I didn't mention in the previous review.

Okay, can I just cry about Destiel for a sec? Yes? GOOD! Holy crap there was a bunch of cute moments. Like that smile they shared on the phone when Cas asked how Dean was doing. Dean is visibly on the end of his rope and he still manages to get a genuine toothy grin for Cas. That's just fucking adorable. I shit you not, my room mate and I both "AWWW"ed the moment. XD
And then there was the fact that Dean called Cas 6 FUCKING TIMES WHILE HE WAS MISSING! I mean, we saw Sam had called him in the episode and left a message, but DEAN HAD CALLED A SHIT TON MORE TIMES. If the phone was displaying his recently missed calls, then Dean called Cas the most recently! Also, the phone battery had to have been at half full by the time Sam got there. (I'm analyzing the phone moment way to hard so I'mma stop!)
Can we also take in the fact that once again, other characters make the gay jokes about Dean and Cas with one in the room and nobody denied it. There was none of the "NO HOMO" shit being said. Gabriel called Cas Dean's "BOY TOY" and Cas just kept on driving. XD I love Gabriel! (now I made myself sad)
Final moment was how Cas immediately knew something was off with Dean. Cas had not been in the picture for the Mark of Cain and I was waiting for that shit to blow up. Just glad they didn't draw it out. How could they. Cas may be at partial strength, but he still had power. he knows what Dean's aura is like and the Mark has basically fucked that all up. When he grab's Dean's arm and pulls the sleeve up he can just feel the evil that radiates off the Mark. He looked so fucking pissed. Like, GOD DAMMNIT DEAN! WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT TO YOURSELF! WHY MUST YOU BE SO SELF DESTRUCTIVE?! Dean just brushes it under the rug, as usual, but Cas's request of Sam to watch over Dean made me so sad.
Cas and Dean are just as dangerously codependent as Sam and Dean. Despite past mistakes, they are family. Dean even said so in Season 8. Their bond is much stronger than normal friendship. I've always believed that you can have a soul mate, a friend who is more than a normal friend but does not have to be a romantic attachment. Just someone who completes you in ways your didn't realize you were lacking. (Ex: Kirk and Spock) This is another reason why the constant need to split up Dean and Cas this season has rubbed me the wrong way. Every time they separate my heart wrenches. Dean, Sam, and Cas are not lone wolf type characters. They need community and companionship.

Gabriel. I need a whole section for him. His sass! Gawd I missed it! Can I just mention how much we all love him? The reasons he listed for being back were so fucking flimsy I called bullshit on it as the worst writing excuse ever, and yet I was willing to suspend my disbelief just because I was so happy he was back. That's how important this character is to us!
Gabriel is by far the most human of the angels. I've seen in fanfiction how badly people wished he'd survived and taken over Heaven. Why? Because he would have been great at it. When he came back we all hoped that he would become the new God. The fact that he turned out to be a fake made all of us hurt on the inside. I still find the eyebrow wiggle ambiguous as fuck and hope Gabe is back in some form. I wanna know how Metatron was about to become basically a dick version of The Trickster! Seriously! Metatron is becoming OP as fuck! I'm scared!
I wanna make a shoutout to the people who do the editing on the show. That was sneaky as fuck of you to put Richard Speight Jr.'s credit at the end of the episode! We all know that nothing spoils a secret on this show more than the opening credits! That's how Kevin's return was spoiled for me.

Anyone else catch that the book Metatron threw in the fire was titled "Tall Tales"? XD Love those references. I almost wish there was a book series directly based on episodes to tie into the show, just because it would be awesome! Someone wanna make a petition or something? Let's make Carver Edlund a bestseller! XD

Pros of the ep:
GABRIEL CAME BACK BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Castiel now understands that reference.
Dean is finally going dark.
Revenge beat down on Gadreel.
Gabe's sassy mouth XD
Metatron is an actual threat now.
All those Destiel moments.
Dean in the shower is always a good thing.
The Gabriel/Castiel bro hug! T____T Forever sobbing
8/16 bit viewing format (not the ep's fault)
GABRIEL WASN'T REAL (Seriously, is he actually dead or not?! I'm so confused and emotionally raw)
Nothing really new happened to Sam, but maybe that's a pro as well?
Castiel is playing his role. NO BABY NO!

Overall experience: 8/10 slices of pie. (extra whipped cream on top for the second viewing!)

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